Government Buildings Department

Environmental Report

  •  In February 2005 the Kyoto Protocol entered into force, and with measures such as the "Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement
    Plan" approved by the cabinet, the issue of reducing the environmental load of government facilities became even more
  •  Therefore Government Buildings Department is working to reduce the environmental load of government facilities,
    thoroughly and effectively over the life cycles of the facilities, in accordance with the "Environmental Load Reduction
    Program on Government Facilities (Government Buildings Green Program)" set forth every fiscal year, since 2005.
  •  Moreover, Government Buildings Department put together the "Government Buildings Environmental Report" every year,
    covering mostly the environmental measures taken by the department in the previous fiscal year, so as to help people
    understand the actions taken by the department to reduce the environmental load of government facilities, as well as to explain
    the department's general policies.

  • Contents
  •  01 Environmental measures in the government buildings.
  •  02 Responding to the recycling-oriented society.
  •  03 Ensure the natural and living environment.
  •  04 Advice on building management and technical support
  •    to the facility administrator.