Press Release

Mr. Koji Sekimizu, Secretary-General Emeritus of International Maritime Organization (IMO), Receives International Maritime Prize for 2016


The International Maritime Prize is awarded each year to individuals and non-governmental organizations or bodies adjudged by the IMO Council to have made a significant contribution to the Organization's work and objectives since 1980.
At the 118th session of the Council in IMO from 24 July to 28 July 2017, the Council awarded the International Maritime Prize for 2016 to Mr. Sekimizu.  He is the third Japanese national who receives the Prize.
Mr. Sekimizu served as the first Japanese IMO Secretary General from January 2012 to December 2015.  His invaluable contribution such as the efforts for reduction of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Shipping and the enforcement of anti-piracy measures was recognized.
The Prize would be presented to the recipient in the thirtieth session of the Assembly, at a special IMO Awards ceremony.
※As Japanese, Mr. Yoshio Sasamura (Former Deputy Secretary-General of IMO) received the award in 1992 and Mr. Yohei Sasakawa (Chairman of The Nippon Foundation) received the award in 2014.