Press Release

Private Sector Outsourcing of the Operation of Fukuoka Airport will start from April 2019
~Toward further development of Fukuoka Airport~


MLIT, with an aim to achieve utilization promotion and a service improvement of Fukuoka Airport by making full use of private know-how, has decided to outsource the operation of Fukuoka Airport to the private sector starting from April 2019, and has developed its “Implementation Policy” which sets force the business outline. 

The private sector outsourcing of the operation of Fukuoka Airport is the third private consignment arrangement of national airports and the largest one so far in terms of the annual number of passengers (approx.. 21.37 million in FY 2015).
We aim to actively attract inbound tourists and LCC demand as a result of our efforts to invite new air routes and improve customer services, by making full use of private know-how through the integrated operation of the runway and the passenger terminal by private enterprises.

1. Outline of the Implementation Policy

・Administrator: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
・Duration of business: For a maximum of 30 years (maximum 35 years including possible extension due to force majeure, etc.)
・Scope of business: Operation of the airport, passenger terminal and car parking lot, etc.
・Business system: The government selects an operator through public offering.
       The operator conducts an integrated operation of the runway and the passenger terminal.
       The government sets the right to operate public facilities and receives the
       consideration for the operation right from the operator.

2. Receipt of opinions on the Implementation Policy

・Period of acceptance: From Friday, March 24, 2017 at 17:00
               No later than Friday, April 7, 2017 at 15:00
・Submission methods: Any opinions concerning the Implementation Policy shall be briefly stated in Japanese in the opinion form (Form-1) attached to the Implementation Policy, and the completed form shall be sent to the following address by email. If the opinions contain any information such as special techniques and know-how, which would infringe the rights, competitive position or any other reasonable interests of the submitter in case of disclosure of such information, the submitter shall make a statement to that effect. The opinion form shall be prepared in Microsoft Excel format and completed with the company name, and the department, telephone number, email address and the name of the submitter. Any submission method other than email shall not be accepted.
・Attention: Fukuoka Airport secretariat, Public Sector, KPMG AZSA LLC

3. Schedule (tentative)

・Around May 2017:  Publication of application guidelines, etc.
・Around May 2018:  Selection of a preferred negotiation right holder
・Around August 2018:  Execution of project agreement
・Around April 2019:  Commencement of airport operating business

Contact Information

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)Airport Governance Reform Unit, Planning Division Kawabata, Asaoka, Nagasawa
TEL +81-3-5253-8111 (Extension 49190, 49108, 49125) Direct Phone +81-3-5253-8714 FAX +81-3-5253-1658