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Approval for Air Transport Service(Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd.)

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   Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd. has applied for the license of air transport service with MLIT on
 September 5, 2013, and please be informed that the license was issued today. The details are as
  shown below;
    1.Company Name : Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd.
    2.Headquarters : 4-chome, 11-2 Kozu-no-mori, Narita City, Chiba Pref.
    3.Foundation Date : September 7, 2012
    4.Capital: 1.5BLN JPY (Expect to increase the capital up to 6BLN JPY after the approval)
    5.Shareholders:  Spring Airlines Company Limited (33.0%) 
                              And several other investors
                              (Remarks: The ratio has a voting right)

    6.Board Members: Chairman of the Board             Wei Wang
                  Vice Chairman of the Board        Hatsuya Osaka
                  President & Chief Executive Officer   Hiroshi Ugai
                  Director                    Yuichi Tashiro
                  Auditor                     Tadayoshi Yamanaka
                  Auditor                     Yutaka Abe
                  Auditor                     Fang Tang
    7.Aircraft in Operation : Three (3) Boeing737-800 with 189 seats respectively.
    8. Launching Date: May, 2014
         & Flight Routs: Narita – Takamatsu / Narita-Hiroshima / Narita-Saga


Contact Information

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,Aviation Industries Division Aviation Network Department Civil Aviation Bureau, Hoshi or Takeuchi
TEL 03-5253-8705 FAX 03-5253-1656