Press Release

Revision of Domestic Passenger Service Facility Charge(PSFC)at Tokyo Int’l Airport(HANEDA)


Japan Civil Aviation Bureau authorizes Japan Airport Terminal Building Co Ltd
(Domestic Terminal)to collect PSFC at Tokyo Int’l Airport (HANEDA).The details are below.

1. Persons Covered
    Departing and arriving passengers on domestic flights.
2. New Charge
    Adult:Over 12 years of age ¥290.-
    Child:From 3to 11 years of age ¥ 140.-
    ※ If Infant(Under 3 years of age)buy a ticket, applied child fee.
3. Effective Date
    April 1, 2014
4. Others
    PSFC is included in air ticket.
    Office for Tokyo International Airport
    Capital Area Airports Division
    Civil Aviation Bureau,
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
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    FAX 81-3-5253-1660