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The Guidelines on Strategic Maintenance for Port Structures


The Guidelines on Strategic Maintenance for Port Structures was newly developed by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Ports and Airports Research Institute (PARI) and Ocean Policy Research Foundation (OPRF) in cooperation with ASEAN countries. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide developing countries, particularly ASEAN countries, with assistance to appropriately maintain their various port structures such as concrete structures and steel structures.

Port Technology Group (PTG) under the framework of ASEAN- Japan Transport Partnership Program tackled this issue as three-year project since 2009 and the three-year research results were compiled as the guideline.

■Contents of Guidelines

Life-Cycle Management-based

The Guidelines consists of two parts: Common Part and National Part. Common Part explains basic concepts for conducting strategic maintenance of port structures, and National Part introduces examples of repair works executed in member countries.

Part 1 Common Part
1.1 General
1.2 Life-Cycle Management-based Maintenance
1.3 Maintenance Strategy
1.4 Inspection
1.5 Comprehensive Evaluation
1.6 Countermeasure
1.7 Record

Part 2 National Part
1 Japan
2 Cambodia
3 Indonesia
4 Malaysia
5 Myanmar
6 Philippines
7 Thailand
8 Vietnam

■Utilization of Guidelines

- Providing basic concepts when ASEAN member countries formulate their own maintenance manual of port structures
- Providing beneficial references when ASEAN member countries plan and execute inspection and/or repair works to port structures
- Providing a good guide when the basic concepts of strategic maintenance are widely developed to other countries than ASEAN

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