Press Release

38th APEC Transportation Working Group (TPTWG)


1. Date

July 1 (Mon.) – July 5 (Fri.), 2013

2. Location

Bali, Indonesia

3. Outcomes

・In the plenary meetings, Japan explained the elementary components of the 8th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting that will be held on September 5, 2013, and received approval from the member economies.
・In the experts group meetings (Maritime, Aviation, Land, Intermodal and ITS), views and ideas on issues for each mode of transport were exchanged, new projects were proposed, and best practices were shared.
・The next meeting will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand in April, 2014.  

*Since APEC members include “Countries” such as Japan and Singapore, and “Regions” such as Hong Kong, China and Chinese Taipei, the participating countries and regions are called “Economies” or “Member Economies.”

4. General information on TPTWG

 Since its first meeting in October, 1991, TPTWG has been held twice yearly, where representatives and experts from each APEC economy participate to share and discuss transportation related issues in the APEC region.

 Other than the plenary meetings, TPTWG is composed of Maritime Experts Group Meetings, Aviation Experts Group Meetings, Land Experts Group Meetings, and Intermodal and ITS Experts Group Meetings. There are also sub-groups within the experts groups that work on more specific themes.

5. Senior participants from Japan

Masatoshi Miyake, Director, International Policy Division, International Strategy Office for Transport, Policy Bureau
Takeshi Muraoka, Director-General, Ports and Airports Department, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau
Takeshi Nakazaki, Director, Industrial Port Policy Division, International Policy Planning Office, Ports and Harbours Bureau
Akikado Taguchi, Director, International Shipping Division, International Negotiations Office, Maritime Bureau

Attached Documents

38th APEC Transportation Working Group (TPTWG)(PDF形式)link for PDF

Contact Information

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, International Policy Division, Policy Bureau, Mr. Masatoshi Miyake, Mr. Takatomo Kinoshita
TEL +81-(0)3-5253-8111 (ex. 25751,25753)