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Opening on Seminar on Advancing Steel Structure for High-Rise Building in Singapore


1. Effect
 The steel structure construction provides merit of shortening the work period and enhancing work productivity, etc. This seminar promotes popularization of steel structure construction in Singapore, and in consequence, can spread it throughout Asia.
2. Dates & Venue
 Dates : 2nd August 2013(Fri.)13:15-18:25(Registration 12:30-)
 Venue : Republic of Singapore  Garnet Room, MAX Atria @ Singapore  EXPO
 Organizer : WASS (Workshop on Advancing Steel Structure for High-Rise Building)
 Co-organizer : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)
3. Attendee
 (1)Japan side
     Shin Honto Deputy Director-General, Policy Bureau, MLIT
     Akira Wada Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology,
            Former President, Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
     construction enterprise, steel manufacturer etc
 (2)Singapore side
     Mr. Tan Tian Chong, Group Director of Technology Development Group
     Dr. J. Y. Richard Liew, Professor of National University of Singapore
     private company etc
4. Contents
  Addressing Issue 1
     Advanced Technology on Structural Steel for Life Cycle Productivity
     Update of the Singapore Construction Productivity Roadmap
     Impact of the Introduction of Eurocodes in Singapore to the Steel vs. Concrete Debate on Tall Buildings
  Addressing Issue 2
     Recent Development and the Application Examples of Concrete Filled Steel Tube (CFT) Structure in Japan
     Introduction of Hybrid Structure System
     Structural Use of TMCP Steel Plates & Construction Productivity
     Fire Proof System for steel structure in Japan
     The Optimal Method of Rebar Joint for Industrial Construction
  Panel Discussion

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