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Participation for “MIPIM”
- Promoting Japanese cities at the world-class real estate show -


MLIT participates MIPIM held in Cannes, France from March 15 with 22 Japanese local government and private companies. It aims to promote Japanese cities to arouse interests of locations and investments in Japan from abroad through exhibiting “Japan Pavilion” and others.

“MIPIM” (Marche Internatiounal des Professionnels de l‘Immobilier) is one of the world’s largest conferences for international real estate held annually from 1990 (This is the 27th) by Reed MIDEM of France and expects about 2,000 companies and 22,000 participants.
The overview for participating “MIPIM” is as follows.

1. Date/Place

Date: From 15th through 18th March, 2016
Place: Cannes, France

2. Purpose

Strengthening Japanese cities’ international competitiveness and promoting overseas urban development business are important polices of MLIT. As a part of efforts for these aims, MLIT is participating the MIPIM and actively marketing Japanese cities’ attractiveness and elevating interest in urban development related technology and know-how, in cooperation with local government and private companies.

Also, MLIT and participating organizations are going to promote “MIPIM JAPAN – ASIA PACIFIC 2016” which will be held at Grand Front OSAKA on 8th and 9th of this September. This Japanese version of MIPIM inaugurated May 2015 in Tokyo.

3. Participating organizations

23 groups
(MLIT, City of Osaka, developers, construction companies, architectural design companies, railway companies, financial institutions, and others)

4. Summary of participation

1) Exhibition
Japan Pavilion displays major urban development projects using a touch-screen and informs “MIPIM JAPAN-ASIA PACIFIC 2016” and so on.
*Japan Pavilion website:

2) Presentation
Presentations about business environment and urban development projects in Japan will be made by MLIT, local government, private companies

5. Others

“MIPIM” Web site:
Please see about the contents/conferences for “MIPIM” and contact below about details and coverage.
Tokyo office, Reed MIDEM / Mr. SAKAI (Tel: +81-3-6264-0193)

Attached Documents

Participation for “MIPIM”(PDF形式)link for PDF

Contact Information

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ,International Affairs Office, City Bureau /Atsuo KAWASE, Jun NARITA
TEL +81-3-5253-8111 (Extension 32-138) Direct Phone +81-3-5253-8955 FAX 81-3-5253-1584