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Basic Policy for the Development, Use and Maintenance of Ports and Harbors and Development of Sea Routes Designated to be Developed and Maintained (Basic Policy)

  The Basic Policy is the policy prescribed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for the development, use and maintenance of ports and harbors and the development of sea routes to be developed and maintained, based on the provisions of the Port and Harbor Law.
  This policy was prescribed after taking into consideration the construction of Japan's transport systems, the proper use and balanced development of national land, and the role ports and harbors and sea routes to be developed and maintained should fulfill for improvement of citizens' welfare.

< Summary of the Basic Policy >

  For its ports and harbors, Japan is comprehensively promoting hard aspect measures such as facilities improvements, and soft aspect measures including efficient management and IT (information technology) applications, to strengthen the global competitiveness of Japan's industries, support the stability of people's lives and construct efficient, safe transportation systems. Ports and harbors also play the role of local gateways in response to the advance of globalization, enabling local areas to have direct interaction with the world while making maximum use of their resources and attractive regional characteristics.
  In addition, to support local vitality and contribute to the creation of distinctive regional areas, Japan will take advantage of the characteristics of ports and harbors that are open to the sea and located near urban areas, to harmoniously introduce functions to support transportation, people's lives and industrial activity and form attractive, easy-to-use and safe port and harbor spaces that can demonstrate their advanced functions as a whole.
  Finally, to mentally refresh individuals and provide material benefits, Japan will work to promote conservation of the environment in coastal areas rich in nature and seek to hand down port and harbor environments in a beautiful, healthy condition to future generations.

Future direction of ports and harbors development
Construction of logistics systems that support the global competitiveness of industry and people's lives
Creation of harbor spaces to serve as bases for local independence
Implementation of efficient, effective projects
Promotion of technological development and utilization of the results
II  Outlook for ports and harbors that handle freight
Outlook for ports and harbors that handle freight
Transport network bases for international ocean containers
Transport network bases for bulk and other freight
Transport network bases for long-distance intermodal freight
Marine transport network bases to support development of areas with distinctive characteristics
Bases providing a safe shelter function for vessels
7 Large-scale earthquake measures and facilities
III  Sea routes to be developed and maintained to support marine traffic safety and efficiency
Direction of development, maintenance and management of sea routes to be developed and maintained
Positioning of sea routes to be developed and maintained
IV  Creation of excellent port and harbor environments
Active preservation of natural environments
Bonds between people and nature and improvement of the environment
Effective, steady promotion of environmental conservation
Ensuring cooperation among ports and harbors
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