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Ports and Harbours Bureau
Learning by Experience at the Sea, Ports and Harbours

  Individuals grow through a variety of experiences and activities. What's more, significant "experience" is linked with the following positive "actions" and "ideas." In Japan, which has become a low birthrate society, aiding the children who will be responsible for the next generation to grow healthily through "experiences" that enable them to balance play, learning, sports and other activities, and fostering individuals who can be active not only in Japanese society but internationally as well, will be vitally important for building a vigorous future society.

  Development of "Marine& Nature Experience Program"

  Nature experience and activities and environmental education at beaches restore the psychological bonds between people and the sea, and foster a spirit of viewing human environments as important through experiencing nature along beaches, where the earth's living things are most bountiful.
  What's more, numerous positive results can be anticipated from such experiences, including the healthy physical and mental growth of the children who will be responsible for the next generation, the restoration of adults' vitality, the participation of senior citizens in society and the creation of employment for young generations.
  The Ports and Harbours Bureau therefore will establish an organization in cooperation with local government authorities, NPOs and other entities to organize "Marine& Nature Experience Programs" for children and families in locations throughout Japan, for the purpose of promoting nature experience activities and environmental education at beaches.

 Examples of Marine& Nature Experiences Programs
Activities Fields Seasonal
Water Zone Tideland Beach Rocky Beach Forest River
Scuba Diving           Year-Round
Snorkeling         Spring - Autumn
Creature Observing "
Plant Observing         Year-Round
Bird Watching       "
Beachcombing         "
Canoeing       "
Dinghy Sailing       "
Fishery Experience     "
Fishing     "
Specimen Making

  Hold a “Marine Experts Training Schools”

  Japan's population is concentrated near its beaches. With the growing citizen orientation towards nature and broadening of general education in the future, opportunities for hand-on activities and environmental education using beaches as close-at-hand nature are expected to grow. For individuals to engage in such activities at beaches safely and enjoyably, however, "leaders" who have both sufficient knowledge and capabilities will be needed.
  To address this need, the Ports and Harbours Bureau will sponsor “Marine Experts Training Schools” in key regions throughout Japan for man and woman ages 18 or older, in cooperation with local government authorities, educational institutions, NPOs and other organizations, as training seminars for leaders in “Marine& Nature Experience Programs”.

 Example of Curriculum three days and two nights
  Day One Day Two Day Three
Main Program Orientation
Snorkeling Course
Ocean Knowledge (waves, flows and tides)
Philosophy of Nature Experience Activities
First Aid and Health Management
Marine Creature Observing
Interpretation Techniques
Rules and Manners
Panel Discussion
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
Group Management
Roles as a Leader
Review and Summary


  Development of "Learning by Experiences at the Sea, Ports and Harbours"

  "Seas and ports" encompass many facilities including marinas, beaches and port museums, and are equipped with facilities and staffed with human resources to help individuals enjoy and learn through experience many facets about seas and ports including the wonders of the ocean and the importance of trade and exchange with the world.
  By cooperating organically with every educational institution surrounding seas and ports, including marinas, beaches, port museums, government administrative agencies, and elementary and junior high schools, the Ports and Harbours Bureau is providing opportunities for more children to learn and think about the pleasures and harsh nature of the sea, and the past, present and future of cities and society.

Diagram: Concept

 Learning by Experience Programs
  Accommodation/ Instructor Learning by Experience  
Ship Conference Room Instructor Role and History of Ports Structure of Ships Civil Engineering Technology Natural Environment of the Sea Safety Marine Sports
Marina       Sailboat / Dinghy Sailing Program
Fishing Program, etc.
Beach             Beach Sports Program
Lifesaving Program
Beach Cleanup, Flotsam Observing Program, etc.
Port Museum       Ports and Ships-Related Documents and Exhibits, etc.
Ports and Harbours Office
Port Management Bodies
  Visit Ports and Harbours
Marine& Nature Experiences, etc.
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