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Ports and Harbours Bureau
Creation of sea area environments and nature restoration

  In addition to using the dredged soil resulting from port and harbor maintenance to actively conserve, reproduce and create rich natural environments such as tidal flats and beaches in coastal areas, in collaboration and cooperation with various entities such as NPO and local citizens associations the bureau collects floatage, oil and other materials produced by equipment such as bottom sediment improvement and environmental improvement boats as a result of mud dredging and cover sand works carried out for water environment improvements in closed sea areas and other locations.

Restoration and creation of tidal flats, beaches, seaweed beds, etc.

  The bureau restores and creates tidal flats, beaches, seaweed beds and other marine features, in order to create excellent environments in port and harbor areas that will contribute to biodiversity.

Port of Onomichi-Itozaki
 (Port of Onomichi-Itozaki)

Cover sand

  Covering the mud on the sea floor with good quality soil prevents elution of organisms and the improves water quality and bottom sediment.

Cover sand

Environmental improvement boat

  The bureau works to create excellent water environments by collecting floatage, oil and other materials.

Cover sand

  The bureau also carries out activities such as sludge dredging and construction and maintenance of aeration facilities. In addition, the bureau promotes works such as backfilling of deeply excavated trenches, which are the source of phenomena such as Aoshio, or blue tides.

Image of a port that has addressed various environmental problems
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