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Recycle Ports
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  Recycle Ports (= recyclable resources logistics base ports)

  The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Ports and Harbours Bureau is promoting efforts aimed at moving "construction of a comprehensive network distribution system centering around harbors" as positioned in the Basic Plan for Establishing the Recycling-Based Society (Cabinet Decision of March 2003) to the operational stage. The bureau is working to create recyclable resources logistics bases, and form networks utilizing low-cost, low-environmental burden marine high potential transport, including concentration of logistics bases and production sites and technology, logistics control functions and ocean-based waste treatment facilities capable of processing the residue produced by recycling processing, at ports and harbors.
  As part of this effort, based on applications by port management bodies the bureau will designate the ports that will become recyclable resources logistics bases corresponding to the locations for nation-wide recycling facilities as "Recycle Ports," which will be promoted as "recyclable resources logistics bases." As of April 2003, the bureau had specified 18 ports nationwide. (see location diagram showing the 18 Recycle Ports)


 ·  Preparation of guidelines concerning handling of recyclable resources
  Because there are situations where smooth recyclable resources distribution is being obstructed by problems such as differences between various port management bodies and between government authorities in each region concerning the handling of recyclable resources at ports, the bureau will prepare guidelines regarding recyclable resource handling at ports. The bureau also will promote active efforts to address recyclable resources by urging port management bodies to initiate improvements to their port operations.

 ·  Promotion of cooperation between government and the private sector
  The Recycle Ports Promotion Council has been established on a nationwide scale to enable participation by diverse groups, including the management bodies at ports designated as a Recycling Port, local governments, various industries such as steel, cement and logistics, and recycling firms. Furthermore, on a regional scale, organizations such as councils at local governments have been established and active discussions are being promoted.
  The Ports and Harbours Bureau at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is cooperating actively with these organizations, which bring together the public and private sector, and vigorously promoting the Recycle Ports project.
 ·  Construction and maintenance of recyclable resources logistics facilities
  At Recycle Ports, the bureau is promoting measures such as ensuring bulkhead wharves where recyclable resources will be specially handled, and functional enhancement facilities corresponding to related laws, including drains and guard fences, while continuing to view effective use of existing facilities at ports and harbors as the basis for all efforts. The bureau also is working to expand the support system for construction and maintenance of port facilities such as transshipment and storage facilities by private businesses.
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