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Promotion of port town development
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  On November 29, 2002 the Council for Transport Policy, an advisory panel to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, proposed the promotion of port town development in its report titled A Ports and Harbors Policy to Respond to Change in Japan's Economy and Society and Achieve Better Lives Through Measures to Strengthen International Competitiveness, Revitalize Industry and Build a Recycling Society.

  As part of its report, the Council proposed forming beautiful, vigorous "port" spaces and promoting "port town development" with the consensus of local citizens by re-evaluating "port" assets from the perspective of residents and citizens, and making maximum use of local industries such as tourism and the marine products industry and "port" assets such as openness to the sea, in order to progress steadily in the future towards development with local character.

  The bureau summarized the efforts taken for port town development for 13 regions during Fiscal 2003 and 22 regions during Fiscal 2004, together with the results and points to note, as the Port Town Guidebook and Port Town Guidebook 2005, respectively.

  Furthermore, for "ports" other than these as well, the bureau is waiting for the provision of information by citizens, NPO, businesses, municipalities and port management bodies, with the intention of actively collecting examples of new, pioneering efforts by citizen groups to utilize "port" resources, which the bureau plans to disseminate through a nationwide public relations program.

    Examples of port town developments implemented in Fiscal 2003
    Examples of port town developments implemented in Fiscal 2004

    Port town development aimed at revitalization through people-to-people interaction and activities
(Port of Muroran)
    Port town development utilizing "warehouses" (Port of Onahama)
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