Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
 Coastal Works in the Port Areas
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The points of Works

  Improvement of safe and durable coasts
  i)protection of human lives and properties from high tides, tsunami, severe waves and coastal erosion ii)improvement of security of coastal preservation facilities against earthquake iii)development of the integrated coastal preservation system, that is to protect coasts through weakening wave force with combined facilities constructed from offshore to beach

  improvement of coasts from point of view of harmony with its natural environment
  i)redevelopment of artificial coast to quasi-natural coast, such as sand beach, rocky beach, reef, lagoon ii)development of green area for biotope network

  improvement of coasts from point of view of accesibility and comfortability for citizen
  i)development of sand beach, promenade, and so on ii)development of beach recreation area in cooperation with marina

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