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Message from the Chairman

It is an honor to be appointed as the Chairman of the Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB).
I am aware of the great responsibility that comes with the post regarding the prevention of aircraft, railway and marine accidents and incidents and the mitigation of damage caused by them.
I will carry out my duties to the best of my ability so that JTSB activities contribute to further enhancing transport safety.

The JTSB is an organization that conducts appropriate investigations into accidents and incidents in a scientific and objective manner from a fair and neutral standpoint, thoroughly unveiling the causes of accidents and incidents and damage incidental to them, and as a result of the investigations submits investigation reports to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and makes them public.
In addition, the JTSB urges the parties concerned to implement necessary policies and measures through the issuance of recommendations and opinions or provision of information regarding unsafe issues when deemed necessary.
The mission of the JTSB is to contribute to preventing accidents and incidents and mitigating damage, thus enhancing transport safety and thereby protecting people’s lives.

In order to fulfill this mission and accomplish investigations that meet the expectations of the public, the JTSB performs its duties according to the following principles: conduct appropriate accident investigations; strengthen the foundation of our organization; provide timely and appropriate feedback and consider victims.

In investigating recent high-profile accidents and incidents, we have seen more situations in which previous investigation methods can no longer be applied in the same way as in the past.
These include: aircraft accident investigations which require advanced and specialized technical analyses of the complex mechanism of human errors and the failure occurrence mechanism of equipment developed by cutting-edge technologies; railway accident investigations which require simulation tests and complex numerical analyses to clarify causation involving not just a single factor but a combination of multiple factors in an undesirable manner; and accident investigations which require analyses of underlying organizational factors that have influenced the parties relevant to the causes.

In order to identify the causes of accidents and incidents appropriately and to promptly adapt to the changing circumstances of investigations, we need to continue improving our investigation knowledge and skills faster and more broadly and deeply, keeping up with developments in technology year after year.
On the other hand, it is also necessary for us to consider utilizing expertise from technical institutes and experts in Japan and to seek cooperation from investigation authorities in other countries when an investigation requires expertise that is not readily available within the JTSB.

If accidents or incidents occur frequently due to similar causes, it is essential to tirelessly and continuously disseminate the lessons learned from these investigations to the parties concerned in order to contribute to the prevention of recurrence.

Furthermore, when an accident unfortunately results in loss of life or injury, one of our important roles is to start providing information with empathy to bereaved families and victims who wish to know about our investigation immediately after the accident.

The JTSB website presents our activities and information regarding accident prevention. We hope that the information on our website such as accident and incident investigation reports, JTSB Digests, press releases and the Chairman’s monthly press conferences will be of use and will help prevent accident recurrence and mitigate damage.

We will unite our efforts to enhance transport safety, and your understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Kazuhiro Nakahashi
Japan Transport Safety Board

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