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Message from the Chairperson

It is my honor to be appointed as the Chairperson of the Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB). I deeply feel the great responsibility of JTSB which plays an important role in Japanese transportation safety from a fair and neutral standpoint to prevent aircraft, railway and marine accidents and incidents and also mitigate the damage caused by them.

I have long believed in our Japanese transportation safety technology. I am proud of the high spirits and continuing efforts of our predecessors to have kept our Japanese transportation safety. But we have recently been experiencing some serious accidents and incidents which might threaten our Japanese transportation safety. We need to keep improving our capability for investigation of aircraft, railway and marine accidents and incidents.

Our JTSB mission says as follows: “We contribute to (1) preventing the occurrence of accidents and (2) mitigating the damage caused by them, thus improving transportation safety while raising public awareness, and thereby protecting the people’s lives by (1) accomplishing appropriate accident investigations which thoroughly unveil the causes of accidents and damages incidental to them, and (2) urging the implementation of necessary policies and measures through the issuance of safety recommendations and opinions or provision of safety information”.

Although we need to rely on and fully make use of lessons learned during previous investigations on many accidents and incidents, we always must keep improving our transportation safety technology in appropriate scientific and objective manners since we have seen more situations where previous investigation procedures cannot be applied in the same manner as in the past. It is also important to think of the feelings of victims and their families, or the bereaved appropriately, and provide them with information regarding the accident investigations in a timely and appropriate manner, and respond to their voices sincerely as well.

Our JTSB consists of 1 chairperson and 12 members (7 full-time and 5 part-time) with accident and incident investigators in aircraft (25), railway (19) and marine (23) transportation modes as well as 42 regional investigators. The JTSB is also strongly supported by our administrative staff dealing with international affairs and public relations.

We all are very proud to be members of the JTSB and try to improve our ability in transportation safety investigations. Although each transportation mode (aircraft, railway and marine) has its own features in accidents and incidents, we need to keep discussing with each other for common issues such as human errors and new equipment by cutting-edge technologies to share our common solutions for transportation safety.

Your understanding, support and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Japan Transport Safety Board

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