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Last Update : 2010/4/12

Below are some links to websites with helpful Japanese tourism information.

Tourism Information

This is the official site of the Visit Japan Campaign.
This is the portal site to Japanese tourism information. 
This website was created to introduce a part of Japan you never knew existed.

Here, we will introduce several fascinating tourist spots where the local districts are actively engaged in innovative tourist resource development.

Images and Videos of Japan

You can find tourism promotion videos of Japan here 
This is an online magazine published once a month by the Japanese Government, to help people around the world better understand Japan today,including politics and economy, environment, science and technology, lifestyles etc. 
This is an image distribution site operated by the Japanese government, where you can find tourism promotion and cultural video. 
Videos on Japanese culture and life are available at this site. 

Find the airport closet to Japanese tourism destinations of your choice. You can also find information about the network of Japanese airports here.