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The search function and more on the "Japan.Free Wi-Fi" website have been enhanced


Last Update : 2017/4/28

The search function and more on the "Japan.Free Wi-Fi" website have been enhanced
- Raising awareness of free public wireless LAN for international visitors -

  Through the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) website, the Japan Tourism Agency provides information on free Wi-Fi hotspots which can be used by international visitors to Japan, as a measure to raise awareness of "Japan. Free Wi-Fi (*1)," and to facilitate the easy use of free public wireless LAN (free Wi-Fi) by international visitors to Japan. The Japan.Free Wi-Fi website (*2), has been renewed, and the search functions and more for free Wi-Fi hotspot information have been enhanced to facilitate easy use by international visitors to Japan. In addition, the number of free Wi-Fi hotspots registered on the Japan.Free Wi-Fi website has reached approximately 143,000, owing to cooperation from the operators and local governments providing the free Wi-Fi.

(*1) Japan.Free Wi-Fi: The logo for public wireless LAN offered to international visitors free of charge.

(*2) A website for international visitors providing information on free Wi-Fi hotspots.
【Improved Japan.Free Wi-Fi Website Usability】
 The website has been improved with the following functions in order to improve usability for website users.
1. "Nearby" function
A new function has been added that indicates around three free Wi-Fi hotspots within a 100-m radius using the location information of the website user's smartphone. This enables users using a SIM or roaming, etc. to easily find the nearest free Wi-Fi.
2. "Search by company" function
Indicates the company logos, etc. of the operators / locations who have joined the scheme (*3) and are providing free Wi-Fi on a national scale. This will give users an idea of which facilities to go to within the country to get access to free Wi-Fi.
(*3) "Invitation for company/organization logos or free Wi-Fi service logos to be displayed on the 'Japan.Free Wi-Fi' website etc.," January 31, 2017 press release

3. "Detailed search of major stations" function
Details on places where free Wi-Fi is available in major station buildings (mainly within the ticket gates) are indicated on a map. This makes it easier to find free Wi-Fi hotspots within large terminal stations, etc.


 Free public wireless LAN (Japan.Free Wi-Fi) website for international visitors
 Operator application website

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