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Search functions of the “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website upgraded


Last Update : 2017/4/28

Search functions of the “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website upgraded
- Promoting free Wi-Fi for international visitors
To facilitate the use of free Wi-Fi by international visitors, the Japan Tourism Agency has been promoting the “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” project on the website of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). The project introduces free Wi-Fi hotspots. The “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website has been redesigned. The function whereby visitors can search for free Wi-Fi hotspots has been upgraded to make it easier for international travelers to use such Wi-Fi. In collaboration with businesses and municipalities that provide free Wi-Fi, 143,000 spots are registered with, and introduced on, the “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website.

The “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” logo for free Wi-Fi for international visitors:
The website that shows the locations of free Wi-Fi hotspots for international visitors:
[Improving the usability of the “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website]
 The following functions have been added to improve the usability of the website.
○ The “Nearby” function
Roughly three free Wi-Fi hotspots within a 100-m radius of a user are indicted, based on the location of the user’s smart phone.
The function allows SIM card and roaming users to easily find nearby free Wi-Fi hotspots.
○ The “Search by business” function
Businesses that provide free Wi-Fi nationwide have been invited to display their business logos and Wi-Fi hotspots on the “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website.
This service allows users to understand where they can go for free Wi-Fi.
Note: On Jan. 31, 2017, a news release was issued on the invitation of businesses and other organizations to show their logos and free Wi-Fi spots on the “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website.
The news release: “Inviting participants to display free Wi-Fi hotspots with the logo of the provider”
  ○ A search function for details on Wi-Fi hotspots at major stations  
Detailed maps that display the locations of free Wi-Fi hotspots at major stations (mainly within the wicket gates) have been included on the website.
This new function allows a user to find free Wi-Fi hotspots within large stations.

〈Attached materials〉
 The “Japan. Free Wi-Fi” website:

 Websites where business can apply to participate:
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