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The Opening of Centrair
Centrair opened on February 17th, 2005, one month before the opening of the Aichi Expo.
Before its opening, central region of Japan called gChubu regionh had Nagoya Airport located in the north of Nagoya city.

Chubu is one of the major economic regions with a population of approximately 22 million. It also accounts for about 18% of the GDP of Japan.

There are numerous world-leading companies and production bases in this region, boosting demand for passenger and cargo traffic. However, the capacity of Nagoya Airport could not meet the increasing demand. Centrair was constructed by a strong request from the local people and companies who had long awaited a 24-hour operated airport with wider space for a cargo terminal and long runway for long-haul flights.

Centrair is constructed and managed by Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd., half of which shares are owned by private sectors.

International Hub Airport in Japan
Centrair serves as a key base for international aviation network in Japan. It plays a major role in connecting central region of Japan to the rest of the world. At Centrair, both international and domestic terminals are located in the same building for passengers to transfer easily. Also, there are many domestic flights available.

Note : The figures are as of Fiscal year 2006, and the number of domestic/international flights is as of June 2007.
Spec. and Stats. of Centrair
Number of spots 58
Hours of operation 24 hours
Runway length 3,500 m~1
Airport area Approx. 470 ha
Domestic passengers 6.52 million
International passengers 5.47 million
Number of domestic flights (per day) 87 (to and from 22 cities)
Number of international passenger flights (per week) 351 (to and from 32 cities)
Number of international cargo flights (per week) 49 (to and from 19 cities)
Airport access
The Airport island is connected to the opposite shore by road and railway. From the center of Chubu region, Nagoya city, it takes minimum 28 minutes by train and around 40 minutes by car.

From major cities within 60 km of the airport, it normally takes an hour.

High-speed boats are also available from Tsu, Matsuzaka, and Yokkaichi city respectively in Mie Prefecture to the boat port of Centrair.

User-friendly Passenger Terminal Building
Centrair has a simplified passenger terminal building. Domestic and International lobbies are combined into a single terminal. Departure lobby is located on the 3rd floor and arrival is on the 2nd floor.In addition, universal designs are introduced and pursued throughout the terminal building in order to realize a user-friendly airport for all, regardless of age or physical ability.
Attractive Commercial Facilities and Spectacular Scenes from Sky Deck
On the fourth floor of the passenger terminal building is a themed space with many renowned restaurants and popular shops.

Centrair welcomes not only air passengers but also visitors who come and enjoy the airport itself.

The 300-meter length observation deck called gSky Deckh is one of the popular spots where you can closely observe airplanes.
In addition, a public bath is also located on the fourth floor. You can enjoy watching airplanes taking off and landing while relaxing in the bath.

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