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(Haneda Airport)

Center for domestic air traffic
The increase in jet aircraft and jumbo jets has brought about the age of mass transport. Under these circumstances, since international flights moved into Narita Airport, which was opened in 1978, Haneda Airport has served as the center for domestic flights. The demand is still showing a rapid rate of increase that is beyond expectations.

The airport has a network with 420 round-trip flights a day linked with 49 airports around the country. The number of domestic passengers reaches 62 million per year (this number accounts for it ranking fourth in the world). This airport thus satisfies the strong demand in Japan on a 24-hour basis.

In addition, the airport has large-scale facilities for maintenance, nighttime staying, and flight testing of aircraft, as well as for the functions of an aeronautical and meteorological base. Moreover, it is also used as the key base in Japan for seeing off and welcoming many guests of the state or government.

Outline of Tokyo International Airport
Runway Runway A : 3,000~60 m
Runway B : 2,500~60 m
Runway C : 3,000~60 m
Runway capacity for takeoffs and landings Approx. 296,000/year
Number of aircraft spots 138 (as of April 2005)
Hours of operation 24 hours
Number of domestic passengers Approx. 62 million(in 2005)
Opening of Passenger Terminal 2

In order to continuously ensure its function as the key base for domestic air traffic in the metropolitan area, and to radically resolve aircraft noise problems, offshore development work on the airport has been conducted. On December 2004, Passenger Terminal 2 opened. Thus the congestion in Passenger Terminal 1 is eased, and convenience will be improved since the proportion of flights accessible directly from the terminal building will greatly increase. In addition, access to the airport by expressway or railway has been improved. And the expansion development of the Passenger Terminal 2 was conducted in February 2007.

Passenger Terminal 2 (front) and Passenger Terminal 1 (back) with sky view
Further Expansion Project

The airport has nearly reached the limit of its capacity due to the increase in demand for domestic air transport. It is therefore necessary to start and complete its further expansion project as soon as possible to adequately meet the demand for air transport, which is expected to continue growing, as well as to improve convenience for the users.

Construction of a new fourth runway as part of the further expansion project will allow the airport capacity to increase significantly, from the current 285,000* to 407,000 per year, in order to enlarge its domestic aviation network. Moreover, regular international flight services will also be allowed while assuring the capacity for domestic flights which will meet the domestic demand in Japan.

Various benefits, such as revitalization of the city and the promotion of tourism can therefore be expected. In particular, the economic impact will show an increase in economic output valued at 2 trillion yen a year for the country as a whole and an increase in employment by 180,000. This expansion work will thus create a major economic impact. In effect, it is therefore a national project to revitalize the Japanese economy.

The new 2,500 m runway will be installed on the southern seaboard of the current airport. In fiscal 2004, as a result of bidding for the method both the design and construction are to be ordered as one unit, the construction method which is the combination of reclamation and bridge was selected. (For the part located in the Tama River estuary, water permeable bridge structure is adopted.)

From fiscal 2005, the necessary procedures will be conducted, the design and construction for the new runway will progress steadily, and it will be opened in 2010.

In addition, the airport's international flight zone will be reconstructed improved by the PFI method.

*296,000 (as of October 2005)

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