Operational Status of Airports in Japan

All the airports in Japan, including four major airports, Narita, Tokyo International (Haneda), Kansai (Osaka) and Central Japan/Centrair (Nagoya), have been accommodating the air transport services to operate normally. Currently, there is no restriction on landings and take-offs of all aircraft, regardless of international or domestic, scheduled or non-scheduled. As for Sendai which was directly affected by the tsunami, restoration of the damaged facilities have been almost completed for normal operation and domestic flights (temporary service from April 13 2011), international charter flights (from June 23 2011), domestic scheduled flights (from July 25 2011), international flights (temporary from July 25 2011) and international scheduled flights (partly from September 25 2011) have resumed.
For the latest information regarding the operational status of each airport, please refer to the websites below.

(1)Major Airports


   Website of Airport Company
   1.Narita(Tokyo)    Narita International Airport
   2.Haneda(Tokyo)    Tokyo International Airport (Domestic Terminal)
   Haneda Airport (International Terminal)
   3.Kansai(Osaka)    Kansai International Airport
   4.Central Japan / Centrair (Nagoya)    Central Japan International Airport
   5.New Chitose (Sapporo)    New Chitose Airport Terminal
   6.Sendai    Sendai Airport
   7.Hiroshima    Hiroshima Airport
   8.Fukuoka    Fukuoka Airport

(2)Airports in the Tohoku Region (Eastern Half of the Japanese Main Island)

   Website of Airport Company
   1.Aomori    Aomori Airport
   2.Misawa    Misawa Airport
   3.Hanamaki    Iwate Hanamaki Airport   (Japanese Only)
   4.Odate-Noshiro    Odate-Noshiro Airport   (Japanese Only)
   5.Akita    Akita Airport
   6.Shonai    Shonai Airport
   7.Yamagata    Yamagata Airport
   8.Fukushima    Fukushima Airport   (Japanese Only)
   9.Ibaraki    Ibaraki Airport

(3)Flight Routes and Airspace

The airspace within a 3km-radius from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station with unlimited altitude is designated as a “Flight Prohibited Area” in accordance with Civil Aeronautics Law of Japan. For further aeronautical information (AIP and NOTAM), please refer to the website of the AIS Center (registration required).

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