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As a result of negotiations in the GATT-Uruguay Round, the establishment of the WTO was agreed to in 1994 and established as an international organization on January 1, 1995. The Marrakech agreement (WTO agreement) sets various international rules relating to trade. In the multi-directional trade system, The WTO has a role to implement these agreements to confront newtrade issues. At the same time The WTO conductsthe approach to a new tradeassign tasks and directs

QDPresent conditions of the Wa new effort WTO

SecretariatF Geneva, Switzerland
Affiliated countriesF 151 countries / territories (As of July 2007)
EC has an original position along with 27 constitution countries. As for the real negotiations, EC represents EU.

RDNegotiation Process

As a result of negotiations in the GATT-Uruguay Round that wasstartedin 1986, the "Marrakech agreement to establish World Trade Organization" took effect in January 1995, and the WTO started to develop the world multi-directional trade system.The WTO intends for not only the liberalization of the trade of goods, but alsofor areas including traffic, sightseeing, and construction-related services. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport positively participates in discussions.

In the sixth cabinet meeting, held in Hong Kong in December 2005, an agreement to negotiate was expected to conclude by the end of 2006, but negotiations were suspended at a Cabinet meeting held at the end of July 2006 over a disagreement in agriculture issues. Since then, preliminary work for the reopening of negotiations was promoted from November 2006, and the negotiations were reopened in earnest through the WTO non-formula cabinet minister meetings in Davos in January 2007. Now, the negotiations for the agreement are poised to bring good results at the same level as NAMA (non-agricultural market access).

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