Kansai int'l
Operating Hours 0:00-24:00(JST)
Runway Length 3,500m,4,000m(2 runways)
Contact Tel: +81-72-455-1334
E-mail : rjbb-info@cab.mlit.go.jp
Traffic Line for Business Aviation  None
Meeting Rooms for Business Aviation Users Available(16,000yen/H(20seats)、18,000yen/H(30seats)、additional 12 rooms)
Airport Access Information (URL) http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/access/index.html
  IASS Co., Ltd.
  Tel : +81-476-34-3957
E-mail : nrtap@iass.co.jp
  Aeroworks International Co., Ltd.
  Tel : +81-479-78-2251
E-mail : fltops@aeroworks.jp
  Minami Kuko Service Co., Ltd.
Ground Handling Company Tel : +81-72-456-6221
E-mail : shien@mainami-ks.co.jp
  Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.
  Tel : +81-72-460-1415
E-mail : japan@universalaviation.aero 
  CKTS Co., Ltd.
  Tel : +81-72-456-5031
E-mail : ops@ckts.co.jp
Airport Charge Landing fee:1,990yen per ton for Maximum Takeoff Weight (International)・1900yen(Domestic)
Parking fee:200yen/ton(The same amount shall be added every 24 hours if more than 6 hours)
Facility Utility Rate:International Facility Utility Rate 2650yen per person
Others:Utility Rate of BHS・PBB is subject to utilization record.