Operating Hour 7:00-22:00(JST)
Runway Length 2,740m
Contact Tel: +81-568-29-1785
Traffic Line for Business Aviation, Utility Rate Available(International:11,400yen/H(making use of CIQ Inspection Room, Lounge, FBO Office), Domestic: 11,400yen/H (making use of                
Lounge and FBO Office))
Meeting Rooms for Business Aviation Users Available(Refer to the above)
Airport Access Information
  Aero Asahi Corporation
Ground Handling Company Tel: +81-3-3522-0647(Charter)
E-mail (Charter) :
E-mail (FBO、Handling) :
  Nakanihon Air Service Co., Ltd.
  Tel: +81-568-39-1345
E-mail :
Airport Charge Landing Fee:
【Jet aircraft】
(a)not more than 25ton:1,050yen/ton、26〜100ton:1,480yen×(Weight-25)ton+26,250yen、101〜200ton:1,800yen×(Weight-100)ton+137,250yen、not less than 201ton:1,950yen×(Weight-200)ton+317,250yen
(b)3,400yen×(Noise Level-83)EPNdB

※The total amount due shall be (a) + (b) every landing.

【Other aircraft】
(a)not more than 6ton aircraft:uniformly 1,000yen、not less than 7ton aircraft:590yen×(Weight-6)ton+700yen
(b)3,400yen×(Noise Level-83)EPNdB

※The total amount due shall be (a) + (b) every landing.
※The value reduced from noise level regarding rotorcraft shall be 95.
※The weight shall be Maximum Takeoff Weight (if less than 1ton, it shall be deemed as 1ton) (common for both jet and other aircraft)
Parking Fee:
【not more than 23ton aircraft】not more than 3ton:uniformly 810yen、4〜6ton:uniformly 1,620yen、7〜23ton:30yen×(Weight-6)ton+1,620yen
【not less than 24ton aircraft】not more than 25ton:90yen/ton、26〜100t:80yen×(Weight-25)ton+2,250yen、not less than 101ton:70yen×(Weight-100)ton+8,250yen
※Weight shall be Maximum Takeoff Weight (if less than 1 ton, it shall be deemed as 1ton).
※If more than 168 hours (one week) parking, the parking fee shall be 2.5 times for the excess period.
  Facility Utility Rate: None
  Others: None