Operating Hour 8:00-19:30(JST)
Runway Length 1,200m,1,490m(2 runways)
Contact Tel: +81-72-992-0031
Traffic Line for Business Aviation None
Meeting Rooms for Business Aviation Users None
Airport Access Information 20 minutes on foot from Yaomiami Stattion of Tanimachi Line, Osaka Municipal Subway
Ground Handling Company Osaka Aviation Inc.
Tel: +81-72-991-2900
HIRATAGAKUEN Aviation Operation Division
Tel: +81-72-993-8178
Kansai Aviation Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-72-922-0541
Airport Charge Landing Fee:
【Jet aircraft】
(a)Not more than 25ton:950yen/ton(850yen/ton for domestic)
(b)3,400yen×(Noise Level-83)EPNdB

※The total amount due shall be (a) + (b) every landing.

【Other aircraft】
Not more than 6ton aircraft:uniformly 1,000yen

※The weight shall be Maximum Takeoff Weight (if less than 1ton, it shall be deemed as 1ton)(common for both jet and others)
Parking Fee:
【not more than 23ton aircraft】not more than 3ton:uniformly  810yen、4〜6t:uniformly 810yen、7〜23ton:30yen/ton

※Free of Charge if less than 3 hours
※The total amount shall be calculated by classifying the aircraft weight subject to the above category and applying each utility rate in series.
※The equivalent amount shall be added every 24 hours after parking commencement until parking termination (if less than 24 hours, it shall be deemed as 24 hours).
Facility Utility Rate: None
  Others: Security Fee; jet aircraft for passenger transportation Revenue Passenger 100yen/person Payload 300yen/ton