Q1. Do we need many days for permission from overseas to JAPAN?

No. If you are commercial when emergency, we would accept permission 24 hours before the scheduled time for taking off and landing.(Otherwise, you need 3 days to get permission.)
※Please ask CIQ office in each airport about the application deadline about CIQ.

Q2. Could you tell me the procedure to fly into JAPAN from overseas in the Business Jet? In addition, the applicant or can be in English?

You need license application based on aviation law(If you will charter flight), after coordination about slot(→Q5), application to the CIQ(※).
Also you need apply to Aviation Industries Division, Civil Aviation Bureau, MLIT, about license application based on aviation law. Sorry, license application will be accepted only in Japanese.
※Please ask CIQ office in each airport. (Contact)
 Aviation Industries Division +81-3-5253-8111(Extension: 48514)

Q3. Is it possible to fly business jet from abroad at any airport?

Yes. Basically almost all airports(Managed by MLIT, airport company, local government)are available to fly. In addition, typical 33 airports that has international scheduled flight including Narita int'l, Tokyo int'l(Haneda), Chubu Centrair int'l, Kansai int'l, doesn’t need special application, but Nagoya airport, Kobe airport, and the other(※) need permission with application form about the use of Non-designation airport.
※Please ask airport office and CIQ office in each airport

Q4. From what time till what time can we use airport in JAPAN?

Operation time is different by airport. In typical int'l airport, available time to takeoff and landing of Narita int'l is 6:00AM~11:00PM,but Tokyo int'l(Haneda), Chubu Centrair int'l,and Kansai int'l are available for 24 hours.
※Please ask airport office in each airport for more information.

Q5. How do we check slot and spot for business jet?
Do we have restrictions for length of stay?

Please conform and coordinate airport office(JCAB) in each airport. In addition, You can check available slot and spot, and reservation application procedure from Homepage of airport corporation in Narita int'l airport .(Please access )
Basically there is no restrictions for length of stay except in Narita int'l and Tokyo int'l(Haneda).
You can stay maximum 30-days in Narita int'l, also 5-days in Tokyo int'l.

Q6. Does it take time for CIQ procedures, when we fly into JAPAN in business jet?

Narita int'l and Tokyo int'l(Haneda) airport has the dedicated business jet terminal with CIQ facilities in the metropolitan area, so procedures in the airports are very smooth. Also,Nagoya airport and Chubu Centrair int'l airport in Chubu, and Kobe airport in Kansai has dedicated business jet line, and this make boarding and exiting very easy and smooth.

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