System for Promoting Town Building

City Configuration

The construction of Tsukuba Science City has been and is being carried out by the organized mutual cooperation of interested national administrative organs, local public bodies and institutions which are the executors of the respective New Town construction works.

For the purposes of liaison and coordination of the Ministries and Agencies concerned and the promotion of construction, the government established in the Prime Minister's Office the Academic New Town(the Science City) Construction Promotion Headquarters, which is headed by [*]the Minister of the National Land Agency and is composed of the Administrative Vice-Ministers etc. of the interested administrative organs(Table 1). The Headquarters formulated "The Basic Principles for Planning the Construction of Tsukuba Science City", "An Outline of the Plans to Construct Public Facilities for Tsukuba Science City", and "An Outline of Moving-In Plans of Institutions to be moved to Tsukuba Science City". Following the guidelines given in the above, the National Land Agency,now the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,takes a leading part in promoting the construction of the New Town.

The various construction projects of Tsukuba Science City are executed by the Urban Renaissance Agency and other organs concerned in accordance with the laws governing the respective projects.

* : was the Chairman of the Capitol Region Development Commission before the establishment of the National Land Agency (in 1975)

City Configuration

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