National Research and Educational Institutions

By March 1980 the 43 national and other experimental research and educational facilities in the Science City completed their relocation and began operation. In the following years, there were various additions and reorganization in the number of national and other experimental research and educational facilities, and at present there are 31 facilities conducting operations. In response to the increasing high level of research, every year new additions to the research facilities are being constructed.

The areas of research of these facilities cover a wide range: electronics, biotechnology, mechatronics, new materials, information engineering, space development, environmental science, natural resources and energy, earth sciences, civil engineering and construction, agriculture and many other areas.

Together with the private research facilities in the Suburban District, Tsukuba Science City is Japan's largest research and development base, and in addition to producing many world-class scientific and technical research results, it is advancing research exchange with other facilities in Japan and abroad.

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