Location and Topography/Composition of Tsukuba Science City

Location and Topography

Tsukuba Science City is located approximately 60 km northeast of Tokyo. The area covers 28,400ha,and corresponds to that of Tsukuba City as an administrative unit in the south of Ibaraki Prefecture. It is situated on the Joso Plateau,which is 20 - 30m above sea level.
Location and Area Covered

Structure of the New Town

Composition of Tsukuba Science City

The Research and Education District
The Research and Education District covers about 2,700ha in the center of Tsukuba Science City, where national research and educational institutes, urban area, residential area, and parks are functionally located as planned.
The Suburban District
The Suburban District covers about 25,700ha, where systematic urbanization is promoted, the natural and rural environment is preserved, and private research institutes are located as planned. The new urbanization area along the Tsukuba Express Line is under development.

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