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Mechanism of the sewer system


Mechanism of the disposal treatment facility

@Composition of the disposal treatment facility

The disposal treatment facility is an integration facility combining individual treatment facilities. The combination and the placement of each facility is determined under various conditions (i.e., water quality of inflowing water, condition of the place of discharge, conditions of the restrictions of sludge treatment, etc.), which each facility faces.

Mechanism of the disposal treatment facility
Mechanism of the disposal treatment facility(Closed up image(PDF122KB)PDF))
AWater processing method

Most of Japan’s sewerage treatment is biological treatment. The biological treatment method is separated into plankton method and sessile organism method (biofilm method) and most sewerage treatment plants adopt the plankton method (activated sludge method).

1) Plankton method

It is a method that decomposes organic matter by creating a cluster of microorganisms (activated sludge) that floats within sewerage water.

2)Sessile organism method (biofilm method)

It is a method that decomposes organic matter by generating a biological slime on the surface of the solid floating layer and having it come in contact with sewerage water.

Classification of the main biological treatment method
Plankton method Standard activated sludge method
Circulation denitrification method (denitrification)
Anaerobic anoxic aerobic method (nitrogen/phosphorus removal)
Anaerobic aerobic activated sludge method (phosphorus removal)
Oxygen activated sludge method
Oxidation Ditch method (OD method)
Prolonged aeration method
Batch-wise activated sludge method
Sessile organism method (biofilm method) Contact oxidation method
Aerobic filter method
BSludge disposal method

The sludge created in the process of water treatment is downsized and stabilized through treatments such as concentration, digestion, dehydration, incineration, etc.

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