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Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) contracted NEC for TDU manufacturing

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) contracted NEC for TDU manufacturing (September 29, 2015)
JANS, the Air Navigation Service Provider, department of Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, has contracted NEC for manufacturing the Total Information Display Unit (TDU)-14 type of Air Traffic Control (ATC) information display system.
The ATC information display system is a safe and efficient system supporting critical control operations and providing information (weather, VFR information, NOTAM, and other essential information for ATC operation) to air traffic controllers located at ATMC (Air Traffic Management Center), ACC (Area Control Center), Terminal Radar facilities, Airport Tower Control facilities, and FSC (Flight Service Center). Currently there are two kinds of the system, the Terminal Data Display Unit and En-route Data Processing Unit. The Terminal Data Display Unit is installed at 14 Terminal Radar facilities, 21 Airport Tower Control facilities, and 7 FSC. The En-route Data Processing Unit is installed at the ATMC, and four 4 ACCs.
The TDU-14 type of ATC information display system is a new type of equipment which integrates functional features of the current four separate systems into a single interface. (Figure.1) It improves visibility and efficiency for air traffic controllers and brings efficiency of the operation. Introduction of this system is to prepare an operational environment where air traffic controllers can efficiently and safely treat air traffic volume, which is expected to increase in the near future. (Figure.2)


JANS is going to upgrade the current ATC information display system to the TDU-14 step by step. By this procurement JANS contracted NEC to manufacture and deliver the equipment for 6 Terminal Radar facilities, 9 Airport Tower Control facilities, and 5 FSC.
 “By consolidation multiple features, such as NOTAM, weather, wind shear or others, which previously used to be provided by separate systems, we are able to not only reduce the overall cost, but also contribute to human error prevention by unifying HMI”, said Hitoshi ISHIZAKI, the Director General of JANS.
“NEC is honored to be selected as the supplier of the TDU system. NEC has been contributing to safe, secure airspace and aircraft operations with its high quality technology for more than 50 years.
In preparations before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, we expect a significant increase in air traffic volume. I am sure that the TDU system will greatly contribute in dealing with this challenge by strengthening the operational efficiency of ATC in Japan.” Masahiro Takahashi, Deputy General Manager, Transportation, City and Infrastructure Division, NEC Corporation said.
NEC also has put the emphasis on CNS/ATM solutions, and is continuously expanding its presence in global aviation markets, particularly focused on South-East Asia.