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Publication of the "Guidelines for Introducing Membrane Technology in Sewage Works:The 2nd Edition "

Membrane technology is expected to be one of technology which solves the water problems in the world, and Japan is a world leader in terms of the accumulation of the art and know-how of this technology.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism(MLIT) launched the "Advance of Japan Ultimate Membrane bioreactor technology Project (A-JUMP)" in fiscal year 2009 to promote the membrane technology for sewage treatment, implemented "Demonstration of MBR Introduced When Reconstructing Existing Sewage Treatment Facilities" and "Demonstration of MBR Introduced to Satellite Treatment Facilities," which demonstrated the applicability, high performance, and energy saving capability of MBR.

Based on the achievements of such demonstration and R&D projects, as well as the latest findings both in Japan and overseas, the "Guidelines for Introducing Membrane Technology in Sewage Works: The 2nd Edition" was issued by the Sewage Technical Meeting on Membrane Technology.

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