Press Release

Public Offering and Selection Procedures for the Private Sector Outsourcing of the Operation of Kumamoto Airport will start
~Toward accelerated recovery from Kumamoto earthquake~


MLIT, with the aim to accelerate the recovery from Kumamoto earthquake and to promote utilization and improve services by making full use of private-sector know-how, has decided to outsource the operation of Kumamoto Airport to the private sector starting from April 2020, and has developed its “Application Guidelines” etc. which set forth the details such as public offering conditions and procedures, selection method, schedule etc.

1.Outline of the business

・Administrator:Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
・Duration of business:Initial 33 years+Optional extension within 15 years(+Force majeure extension within 10 years)
・Scope of business:Operation of the airport etc. and operation of a terminal building and car parking facilities etc.
  ※Existing domestic terminal building to be demolished and a new  terminal building serving for both domestic and international flights to be constructed by the operator (to be completed at the end of FY 2022)
・Business system:The State shall select an operator through public offering.
        The operator will conduct an integrated operation of the runway and the terminal building etc. 
        The State shall set the right to operate public facilities and receive the
        consideration for the operation right from the operator.

2.Structure of the Application Guidelines etc.

[1]Application Guidelines:Information about members of the screening committee, details of application and selection procedures and details of schedule is added to the basic concept of the enforcement policy of the specified operating business of Kumamoto Airport published on 17 January 2018.
[2]Selection criteria for a preferred negotiation right holder:Information about the selection method and evaluation criteria etc. is included.

3.Holding an explanatory meeting about Application Guidelines etc.

An explanatory meeting about the Application Guidelines etc. will be held on Thursday, 22 March 2018.
As to the details of the explanatory meeting and its application for entry, please refer to the Exhibit.

4.Receipt of questions about the Application Guidelines and publication of the answers

We will accept questions about the Application Guidelines etc. during the period from 10:00 on Monday, 26 March to 17:00 on Monday, 9 May 2018.
As to the submission method etc., please refer to the Exhibit.


・15 June 2018                 Deadline for submission of the first screening documents
・Around July 2018           Notification of the result of the first screening
・Around January 2019      Deadline for submission of the second screening documents
・Around March 2019        Selection of a preferred negotiation right holder
・1 April 2020                  Airport operating business scheduled commencement date

Contact Information

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