Press Release

Hiroshima Airport Concession Project will start from April 2021
~Toward Further Revitalization as a Hub Airport in Chugoku-Shikoku Region~


MLIT has decided to outsource the operation of Hiroshima Airport to the private sector from April 2021 in order to promote the utilization and improve service of the airport by making full use of the knowledge of the private sector, and has developed its “Implementation Policy” which sets out the business outline, etc.

The outsourcing of the operation of Hiroshima Airport to the private sector is an effort to expand both domestic and international route networks of the airport, which is a hub airport in the Chugoku and Shikoku region, to further enhance it as a hub for extensive sightseeing in the region.
The private sector operator is to integrate the operations of the runway and terminal buildings with the aim of improving the user service and revitalizing the area by utilizing the knowledge of the private sector.

1. Outline of the Implementation Policy

・Administrator, etc. of public facilities, etc.: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
・Project period: 30 years
(with possible extension of 5 years or less in the event of force majeure)   
・Scope of the project: Airport operating business, Building facilities business, Parking facilities business, etc.
・Project methods: The State shall select an operator through public offering. 
                              The operator will integrate operations of the runways and terminal buildings etc.
                              The State shall set the concession rights to operate the public facilities and receive the concession fees from the operator. 
※The Implementation Policy, etc. can be downloaded from the website:

2. Briefing Session on the Implementation Policy

Briefing session on the Implementation Policy will be held on Thursday, 14 March 2019.
As for details of the briefing session and the application procedure etc., please refer to the Exhibit.

3. Acceptance of Opinions on the Implementation Policy

We will accept opinions on the Implementation Policy from 10:00 on Friday, March 15, 2019, until 15:00 on Friday, March 29. Please refer to the Exhibit for the detailed procedure to submit opinions.

4. Schedule (tentative)

・Around May 2019:       Publication of Application Guidelines, etc.     
・Around June 2020:       Selection of Preferred Negotiation Right Holder    
・Around August 2020:   Execution of Project Agreement
・Around October 2020:  Building Facility Business Scheduled Commencement Date /Parking Facility Business Scheduled Commencement Date
・Around April 2021:      Airport Operating Business Scheduled Commencement Date

Contact Information

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)Airport Governance Reform Unit, Planning Division Yasui, Okuyama, Ishiyama
TEL =81-3-5253-8111 (Extension 49190, 49119, 49134) Direct Phone =81-3-5253-8714 FAX =81-3-5253-1658