Railway Bureau

Public Comment for Railway Bureau

National administrative agencies enact various cabinet orders or ministerial orders as they implement the policies. Public comment system is the procedure that National administrative agencies publish in advance the proposed orders, invite the public to offer their opinions about them.

When Railway bureau, MLIT needs to establish or amend/abolish ministerial orders such as Technical Standards, MLIT will provide the public with information in order to call for comments including information with regard to the proposed ministerial orders, etc. After the period of submission of comment, MLIT will publicly notify the submitted comments and MLIT’s position on these comments as an outcome of Public Comment on the following links.

If you have any inquiry or submit your opinion on each case, please refer to notifications on the following link and contact the office listed on it.

Notification to call for Public Comment

List of outcomes of Public Comment

List of close to call for Public Comment

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