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General Principles of Universal Design Policy
II.Basic concept of the general principles of universal design policy

4. Creating communities where everyone can live safely and comfortably

  A community is the foundation of people's daily lives, and community planning must consider creating communities where people of all kinds can live comfortably.

(1) Promoting efforts to create pedestrian communities
    Measures must be taken to create "pedestrian communities": that are compact communities on a pedestrian scale where all facilities necessary for the residents' daily lives are nearby, freeing them from excessive dependence on automobiles, encouraging them to extend their daily lives to surrounding streets, and allowing them to obtain all the goods and services they need to meet their daily basic needs within walking distance.
(2)  Encouraging measures incorporating entire communities
    It is necessary to smooth all the various activities people conduct in their communities, and this must be done considering not only specified facilities, but a wide variety of facility uses and smooth travel to and from these facilities. It is important for regional governments that conduct community improvement projects to respond to the views of a wide range of concerned groups by incorporating the perspective of entire communities and presenting basic guidelines for community improvements based on the concept of universal design, and to provide planned, staged, safe, and comfortable pedestrian space according to the need for and the importance of their improvement.
(3)  Creation of daily life functions including residential, welfare, and shopping district functions through the renewal and redevelopment of communities.
    Taking the opportunities provided by the renewal of urban districts and new towns etc. developed during the period of high speed economic growth, welfare bureaus and other concerned bureaus must cooperatively support the provision of a variety of residential districts and the improvement of neighborhoods etc. at the now inadequate number of facilities needed by elderly people, handicapped people, and families with children, to create residential, welfare, shopping district, and other daily life functions in each region.
(4)  Safe and worry-free community improvement
    Disaster protection measures and day-to-day accident prevention measures for buildings that consider the elderly, handicapped people, and children etc. must be undertaken so that all people can live safely and free from worry.
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