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General Principles of Universal Design Policy
III. Specific measures

III. Specific measures

  The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is implementing the following specific measures to expand past efforts by various organizations in line with "II. Basic concept of the general principles of universal design policy."

1. Construction of systems for the participation of diverse concerned people based on the concept of universal design.

   To provide public facilities etc. and to develop new national land plans, systems are being created to obtain the participation of users, residents, and NPO etc. in order to reflect their views at every stage from the concept stage through the preparation and implementation of the plan and to the management stage
   At the same time as systems that allow residents, NPO etc. to make proposals to organizations implementing plans are established, support is being given to the residents and NPO that conduct diverse activities in such regions.
   The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport itself is taking the lead in undertaking projects under its jurisdiction. (When constructing or improving government offices etc., it holds workshops *10 etc. to link residents and concerned parties including those in the surroundings. )

*10  Workshop: Activities including joint projects and discussions conducted to deal with a specified challenge by people concerned with the challenge.
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