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General Principles of Universal Design Policy
III. Specific measures

5.  Completing non-physical measures (realization of a "psychologically barrier free" society

   To contribute to the creation of a society in which all people can exercise their individuality and unique abilities and participate freely in society to achieve self-actualization, diverse human resources are developed among users, students, and businesses and efforts made to stimulate people's consciousness. (preparation of personnel development programs for public transportation company employees and junior and senior high school students, presenting lectures on barrier free transportation services, etc.)
   The widespread deployment of barrier free volunteers to assist the elderly, handicapped people, and adults with children in and around railway stations etc. is promoted to encourage a human response in addition to physical measures.
   Improvement of route guidance by using route guidance numbers.
   Support is provided to guarantee availability of homes linked to residential support services operated by welfare organizations at the same time as information provision and consultation systems are established so that they can move to these dwellings without difficulties.
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