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General Principles of Universal Design Policy
III. Specific measures

6.  Realization of public transportation that all people can use safely and smoothly

   Expanded support is given to measures to improve the convenience of using transportation systems through cooperation between users, regional residents, and transportation companies. Additionally, the opinions of concerned persons are appropriately reflected at the same time as measures to smooth consultations between transportation companies and organizations of regional residents are introduced.
   At transportation connection points such as terminals where passengers transfer between railway lines, bus services etc., consultative committees including transportation companies, facility managers, and other concerned organizations are established to promote the formation of a consensus concerning efforts to provide uniform and easily understand guidance to transfer procedures and to improve transfer routes. Additionally, expanded assistance is given to transportation companies to help them establish systems and implement specific improvement measures that comply with the results of the consultations.
   Expanded support and prioritization are carried out to promote transfer smoothing measures such as introducing transfer discount fees for transfers between railways, busses, and other transportation modes and between different transportation companies, and efforts to improve the provision of information about public transportation including unified information provision by improving transfer information guidance systems.
   The provision of new forms of transportation services such as community busses, taxi-sharing *13 welfare taxes *14 and so on that are closely adapted to regional conditions is promoted.

(Specific cases)

  Promotion of measures taken by regional residents and NPO such as planning of bus operations by regional residents and NPO, measures to realize bus transport with support such as assistance by regional corporations (Examples include "Citizen Bus Yokkaichi"), and so on.

*13  Shared taxis: Taxis that are shared by passengers in vehicles that can only carry up to 10 people.
*14 Welfare taxis: Specialized taxis designed with lifts etc. that can load and unload people in wheelchairs or in stretchers provided to transport the elderly, handicapped, and other people who cannot move without difficulty.
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