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Shinkansen Development
What is the outline of "new Shinkansen lines"?

   This refers to the following five routes for which preparations are being carried out in accordance with the "Development Program" established under the Nationwide Shinkansen Railway Development Law.
 Nationwide Shinkansen Railway Development Law
Decision on master plan
Decision on development program (program of line to be undertaken)
Instructions for the construction of lines based on the Development Program
Hokkaido Shinkansen Aomori - Sapporo
Tohoku Shinkansen Morioka - Aomori
Hokuriku Shinkansen Tokyo - Osaka
Kyushu Shinkansen (Kagoshima route)   Fukuoka - Kagoshima
Kyushu Shinkansen (Nagasaki route) Fukuoka - Nagasaki
(Program in 1973)
  Refer to the attachments for information on the status of progress and inauguration of these routes.

   The Shinkansen, which can run at high speeds over 200km per hour on most sections in trunk railway, is the mass and high-speed transportation for linking core cities.
   Through the development of a wide-area transportation formed the frame of national land, it is aimed at developing the national economy and encouraging local economy.
   The Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency, as infrastructure owner, carries out construction and secures facilities, leasing the facilities to the operation body, JR. (i.e. method of separating body from ownership)
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