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Promotion of the super hub port project


  Japan's super hub port project is an effort aimed at reducing port costs by 30% and shortening lead time (the time between when a ship enters port and the offloading of freight becomes possible) from three or four days today to approximately one day, by efficiently operating large-scale container terminals having three or more berths (designated international container wharf), a feature unprecedented in Japan, on an integrated basis under a single operator, in order to achieve a cost and service level that surpasses Asia's other main ports.

  Based on a partial revision of the Port and Harbor Law in July 2005, Japan has now established a system for long-term leasing of berths and terminal yards and a system of interest-free loans for construction of freight loading facilities from Fiscal 2005 for the private businesses (authorized operators) that will manage the designated international container wharves, based on the designation of Keihin Port, the Port of Nagoya and the Port of Yokkaichi, and the Port of Osaka and the Port of Kobe as specific designated important ports (super hub ports), with the goal of promoting the projects.

  The bureau will continue this effort in the future with steps to upgrade of functions of all super hub ports through measures such promotion of terminal public corporation reforms and construction of multimodal logistics networks including coastal shipping, roads and railways.

Promotion of the super hub port project
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