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Ports and Harbours Bureau
Ports and Harbours in Japan

Part 1
1.  Generalpdf
1.1.  Overviewpdf
1.2.  Location of Ports and Harbors in Japanpdf
1.3.  Roles of Ports and Harborspdf
1.4.  Development and Administration of Ports and Harborspdf
1.5.  Cargo Volumepdf
1.6.  Worldwide Container Handling Rankingspdf
1.7.  Foreign Container Volume at Japanese Portspdf
1.8.  Management and Operation of Container Terminals in Japanpdf
1.8.1.  Containerization in Japanpdf
1.8.2. Current Issuespdf
1.8.3. Overview of Container Development and Operation Systemspdf

Part 2
2.  Port Development and Management Systempdf
2.1.  Overviewpdf
2.1.1.  Port and Harbor Lawpdf
2.1.2.  Council for Ports and Harborspdf
2.2. Roles of National Government, Port Management Body,Private Sector and Userspdf
2.3.  Port and Harbor Development Systempdf
2.3.1.  Overviewpdf
2.3.2.  Port Planningpdf
2.3.3.  Five-Year Investment Plan for Ports and Harborspdf
2.3.4.  Priority Plan for Social Infrastracture Developmentpdf
2.3.5. Development of Port Facilitiespdf
2.3.6. Environmental Issuepdf
2.4.  Port Management Systempdf
2.4.1.  Overviewpdf
2.4.2.  Port Management Bodiespdf
2.4.3.  “Ports and harbors” Subject to Port Managementpdf
2.4.4.  Port Management Bodies’ Functions and Dutiespdf
2.4.5. Systematic Framework for Port Management and Administrationpdf
2.4.6.  Financing of Port Management Bodiespdf
2.4.7.  Private Wharvespdf
2.5.  Container Terminal Management and Operationpdf
2.5.1.  Overviewpdf
2.5.2.  Japanese Response to Containerizationpdf
2.5.3.  New Container Terminal Development, Management and Operationpdf
2.5.4. Management and Operation of Container Terminals in Major World Portspdf
2.6 Recent Topics in Japanese Ports and Harbourspdf
2.6.1.  “Super-hub Port” Initiativepdf
2.6.2. Port Securitypdf
2.6.3.  Single Window Systempdf
2.6.4.  Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake and Earthquake Resistant Port Facilitiespdf

Part 3
3.  International Cooperationpdf
3.1.  International Cooperation in the Port and Harbor Sectorpdf
3.1.1.  Overviewpdf
3.1.2. Technical Cooperationpdf
3.1.3.  Loan Assistancepdf
3.1.4. Grant Aidpdf
3.2. International Exchangepdf
3.2.1.  Multilateral Exchangespdf
3.2.2. Bilateral Exchangespdf
3.2.3. Organizations involved in port- and harbor-related international cooperationpdf

1.  Port Development in Relation to Economic Growthpdf
1.1.  Pre-19th Century (Ancient times to the Edo Period)pdf
1.2. 1870 to 1945 (Meiji Period to World War II)pdf
1.3. From 1945 (World War II to Present)pdf
2.  Summary of the Port and Harbor Lawpdf
3.  Summary of Technological Standards for Port Facilitiespdf
4.  Organizational Structure of Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transportpdf
5. Organizational Structure of Ports and Harbours Bureaupdf

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