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Ports and Harbours Bureau
    Ports and Harbours in Japan  
    Basic Policy for the Development, Use and Maintenance of Ports and Harbors and Development of Sea Routes Designated to be Developed and Maintained (Basic Policy)  
    Promotion of the super hub port project  
    Promotion of the "Single Window" system for import/export procedures and port-related procedures  
    Recycle Ports  
    Recycling technology guidelines for harbor and airport construction and maintenance  
    Ports and harbors anti-earthquake measures  
    ISPS Compliant Port Facilities  
    Creation of sea area environments and nature restoration  
    Learning by Experience at the Sea, Ports and Harbours  
    Promotion of port town development  
    Wind power generation at port and harbor spaces  
    Sea Area Utilization Technology Development Discussion Gatherings  
    Promotion of disaster prevention measures for urban area coasts (major Heisei Era refurbishments)  
    Upgrades of protection functions against tsunami, storm surge, etc.  
    NOWPHAS(Nationwide Ocean Wave information network for Ports and HArbourS) Real-Time  
    Actively promoting the creation of coasts, including Japan's "white sand and green pine tree" coasts  
  To create a new beach culture - Let's move ahead with the creation of Satohama -
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