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  2. Overview of Countermeasures Regarding Sick House 
  Issues under the Amended Building Standard Law
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  1. Chronology
    •   July 12, 2002 : Promulgation of the Law Partially Amending the Building Standard Law
    •   July 1, 2003 : Enforcement of the amended law

  2. Overview
    (1) Chemical substances covered by regulations
        Chlorpyrifos and formaldehyde

    (2) Regulations concerning chlorpyrifos
        The use of building materials containing chlorpyrifos in buildings with habitable rooms is prohibited.

    (3) Regulations concerning formaldehyde

    1) Restrictions on interior finishing materials
    The area size of formaldehyde-emitting building materials which can be used as interior finishing materials is restricted according to the type of habitable room and the frequency of ventilation.

    2) Mandatory installation of ventilation equipment
    Even if no formaldehyde-emitting building materials are used, formaldehyde is also emitted by furniture. For this reason, the installation of ventilation equipment is, in principle, mandatory in all buildings.

    3) Restrictions related to ceiling cavities, etc.*
    The base materials used in ceiling cavities, etc., must have low formaldehyde emission levels, or ventilation equipment must be designed to allow ventilation of ceiling cavities, etc.

    * Ceiling cavities, etc. includes ceiling cavities, attics, cavities underneath floors, wall, storerooms and other similar locations.

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