Original roles based on the Road Vehicles Act

Registration of motor vehicles

Vehicle registration serves two objectives. One is the "official endorsement of ownership" having a legal significance (legal registration),and the other is the "clarification of motor vehicle usage" having an administrative significance(administrative registration).

Nature of legal registration

Legal endorsement of ownership gives the owner against third parties and protect the ownership. It also guarantees legal stability of motor vehicles. It is this stability that ensures stable and smooth distribution of motor vehicles.
Legal registration also leads to mortgages while minimizing the risk of thefts.

Nature of administrative registration

License plates are used to identify motor vehicles.This presents a basis for an administrative information about their usage. The information is used to update statistics about vehicles,ensure smoother recall operations, trace crimes involving vehicles,and other purposes.

Inspection of motor vehicles

Motor vehicles are inspected regularly to confirm their structure and Equipment with safety regulations. This increases vehicles safety and prevents pollutions while enabling smoother road traffics and saving more energy at the same time.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

Users of motor vehicles are socially responsible to maintain their vehicles safe and pollution-pheventible.
The Road Vehicles Act defines "Safety Regulations for Road Vehicles" that all vehicles must be complied with at all time.

Legal means to secure safety and prevent pollutions

Motor vehicles are subject to deterioration and wear of both the structure and Equipment Sometimes their shapes and structure are modified.
Therefore, vehicles need to be checked periodically to ascertain their identity and compliance with safety standards.
The inspection system is essential means to legally verify speciffications (size, engine displacement, etc.) of motor vehicles, secure their safety, and pollutions attributable to them.

Heedlight lnspection

Original and additional roles of motor vehicle inspection and registration