This booklet is an epitome of "Annual Report of Transport Economy (Transport White Paper)." The White Paper has been issued every year since 1964 as an official report of the Japanese Government to provide the people with basic information on the transportation activities in Japan.
    The 1970s were a turbulent decade for the Japanese economy. During the decade the rapid growth period ended and the economy, weathering the greatest postwar depression induced by the first oil crisis, entered a path of stable growth. The transportation underwent various changes against the background of changing international and domestic situations.
    In Part I, this Paper outlines recent activities in land, maritime and air transportation. Part 11 analyzes the changes in transportation structure during the last decade and clarifies the problems facing the transportation.
    We hope that people interested in transportation will find this report informative and useful.


Hiroshi Yamada

Department of Research and Data
Secretariat to the Minister
Ministry of Transport