Topics from One Year in Transport

Aid to the Persian Gulf (September 1, 1990 - )

    Since the start of the Persian Gulf Crisis in August 1990 Japan Air Lines and All Nippon Airways have responded to requests from the Ministry of Transport, initiated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for assistance to return Japanese and Vietnamese refugees from the Persian Gulf to their homelands. A total of 11 rescue flights were carried out.
    Requests were made to the Japanese Shipowner's Association and the All Japan Seamen's Union for cooperation in the transport of goods. Two Japanese cargo vessels were loaned by these bodies over a period of six months, and these vessels were used for shipping of construction materials and goods to sustain daily life. In addition to this, Japanese government chartered aircraft were used to deliver ambulances requested by the Saudi Arabian government.
    The Maritime Disaster Prevention Center cooperated with the supply of oil booms to help combat the oil spill from spreading in the Persian Gulf area. Specialists were dispatched from the Maritime Safety Agency and the Meteorological Agency to cooperate in the recovery of crude oil from the ocean.