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Outline of the 7th term Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan

- Leading the Era of the Global Environment - The New Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan (July 2008)

Chapter 1  Significance of Formulating the Plan

Section 1  Background of Hokkaido Development

・  Since the establishment of the Hokkaido Colonization Commission (Kaitakushi), the Japanese Government has systematically developed Hokkaido under its special development policy for the purpose of contributing to the stability and development of the nation as a whole.

Section 2  Significance of the New Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan

・  Helping address issues facing the national government by taking advantage of the resources and characteristics of Hokkaido

・  Hokkaido’s demonstrating the frontier spirit as a trailblazer in the new age and embarking on pioneering and experimental programs in order to make our economy and society prosper

・  Creating an affluent society based on Hokkaido’s regional characteristics


Chapter 2  Goals of the Plan

Section 1  Environmental Changes and Challenges Faced by the Nation

・  In the environmental changes of the progress of globalization, the global environmental problems threatening the foundations of human survival, and the unprecedented population decrease with rapid aging and falling birthrate, the Nation is facing the challenges.

Section 2  Hokkaido’s Resources and Characteristics

・  Cool climate in summer as in Europe, ample resources such as forests, rich natural environment befitting a northern region unique in Asia, geographical characteristics such as being situated at the nodal point between North America and East Asia, social openness fostered during the history of development, etc.

Section 3  Strategic Goals of Future Hokkaido Development

1. A Northern Base Shining in Asia – Realization of an Open and Competitive Hokkaido

2. A Northern Land Rich in Forests and Water – Realization of a Sustainable and Beautiful Hokkaido

3. Vast Decentralized Northern Society with Region Strength – Realization of a Hokkaido with Diverse and Distinct Regions


Chapter 3  Basic Principles for the Promotion of the Plan

Section 1  Period of the Plan

・  From fiscal 2008 to approximately 2017 with an eye to the first half of the 21st century

Section 2  Major Policies under the Plan

・  Five Major policies for achieving the strategic goals will be promoted in a comprehensive manner.

Section 3  Method of promoting the Plan

1. Diverse Cooperation and Collaboration

2. Prioritized Investment Looking to the New Age

3. Demonstration of the New Hokkaido Initiative


Chapter 4  Major Policies under the Plan

Section 1  Creating a Self-reliant, Stable, and Globally Competitive Economy

1. Strengthening Food Supply Capabilities, Adding Value to and Enhancing the Competitiveness of Food-related Industries

・  Strengthening food supply capabilities

・  Securing food safety

・  Adding value to and enhancing the competitiveness of food-related industries

2. Promoting Tourism to Develop Attractive, Internationally Competitive Tourist Spots

・  Creating attractive, internationally competitive tourist spots

・  Promotion of the tourism industry to lead the regional economy

3. Establishing Accumulated Industries that will Develop Together with East Asia

・  Promoting industrial bases by taking advantage of geographical locations

・  Fostering industries by capitalizing on strengths

・  Improving conditions for industrial development

Section 2  Establishment of Sustainable Communities to Lead the Era of the Global Environment and Coexistence with Nature

・  Realizing a society based on the harmonious coexistence of nature and humans

・  Creating a recycling-oriented society

・  Achieving a low-carbon society

Section 3  Attractive and Vigorous Regional and Community Development in the Northern Region

・  Creating vast regional areas and strengthening exchanges and cooperation

・  Strengthening urban functions and enhancing urban attraction

・  Striving to create a model for vibrant local communities in sparsely inhabited areas

・  Creating diverse and distinctive local communities in the northern region

Section 4  Enhancement of Networks and Mobility that Support Domestic and International Exchanges

・  Establishing wide-area traffic networks connected to the rest of the nation and the world

・  Creating regional transport infrastructures as well as information and communication infrastructures

・  Improving the reliability of transportation services in winter

Section 5  Safe and Reassuring National Land Development

・  Promoting disaster prevention measures in preparation for frequently occurring natural disasters

・  Promoting comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation measures integrating structural and nonstructural measures

・  Promoting traffic safety measures with the aim of creating a traffic accident-free society


Additional Statement

・  The Plan will be reviewed in a comprehensive manner approximately five years after formulation.

・  The Plan will also be reviewed when needs arise due to domestic and international changes.


※This is an unofficial translation. The translations are to be used solely as reference material to aid in the understanding of this Plan.


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