International Cooperation and Exchanges
As an international cooperation activity to make use of experience and expertise in the development of Hokkaido, the Hokkaido Bureau supports the acceptance of overseas technical trainees of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of the Japanese government’s official development assistance (ODA) projects.
    As a training institution, the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau has worked closely with JICA since fiscal 1992 and has accepted, as trainees, administrative officials engaged in regional development in developing nations.
    These training courses consist of lectures on ways to promote the system and plan of Hokkaido’s comprehensive development, and inspection tours designed to learn about case examples of infrastructure development and industrial promotion, so that trainees acquire techniques necessary for the management and operation of regional development plans.
    In addition to the General Management for Regional Development and Planning training course, designed for trainees from various countries, the Bureau offers country-specific training courses. As of March 2008, the Bureau has accepted 680 trainees from 57 countries.
    For the training courses, the Bureau has received generous cooperation from employees of regional governments, instructors at universities and people from private businesses.
    In recognition of many years of contribution to the promotion of international cooperation, the Bureau received the 4th JICA President's Award for International Cooperation in October 2007.
    The Bureau also engages in other forms of international cooperation and exchanges, such as the acceptance of delegations from overseas government institutions, the dispatch of employees to international conferences and seminars, such as the China’s National Land Planning Training hosted by the Chinese government and the China-Hokkaido Economic Exchange Conference attended by representatives of government, industry and academia in China and Hokkaido, and the holding of symposiums about international exchanges, such as the Pan-Okhotsk Region International Symposium.

Presentation meeting for trainees

Award Ceremony for the 4th JICA President’s
Award for International Cooperation

Courtesy call to the Mayor of Hakodate

Pan-Okhotsk Region International Symposium


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