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Last Update : 2017/1/10

The following are frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. I keep hearing the term “tourism nation.” What does it mean?

With Japan beginning to trend towards population decline, lower birth rate and aging population, tourism has come to the forefront for both its wide economic impact such as increased spending and job creation, and its ability to realize vital regional communities capable of fostering pride and love in its people. The term “tourism nation” reflects the will to shape a country that is "good to live in, good to visit," with increased exchange through tourism creating a stronger recognition of their region’s charms in the residents, and a purer experience of these charms for the visitors.

2. Why was the Japan Tourism Agency founded?

It became clear that in order to achieve a tourism nation, we needed a system capable of engaging this goal as a nation, across both the public and the private sectors. The need was especially great for: 1) promoting the fact that Japan is engaged in creating a tourism nation on a national level, concurrent with effective negotiation with foreign governments regarding expanded tourism exchange; 2) demonstrating leadership in achieving numerical goals for a tourism nation, and robust engagement and coordination of all the ministries and agencies involved; and 3) promoting the government's unified efforts to "build a country good to live in, good to visit," concurrent with vigorous support for efforts by local public bodies and the private sector to build tourism destinations. Therefore, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism established the Japan Tourism Agency to comprehensively and systematically promote the creation of a tourism nation.

3. How do the roles of the JTA and the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) differ?

The JTA is making comprehensive yet organized efforts towards a tourism nation, such as discussions with foreign governments, coordination with other ministries and agencies involved, establishment of a system of cooperation with private-sector operators and local governments, and support of the creation of appealing tourism destinations. On the other hand, the JNTO has overseas offices and actually carries out promotions targeting foreign customers, advertising Japan as a tourist destination and providing them with travel information. The JNTO is an independent administrative organization under the administration of the JTA, and its marketing information serves as the basis for government-implemented project planning.

4. Where can I find more information about the JTA?

Please see the About the JTA page for more details about the Japan Tourism Agency.

5. I would like to know about the leaders of the JTA.

The list of JTA’s leaders as of January 4, 2010 can be found on the Organization & Structure page.